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Umbergaon is a census town and Municipality in the state of Gujarat. The Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) has been created for securing the orderly establishment and organization of industries in industrial areas and industrial estates in the state. GIDC is now establishing Special Investment Regions, PCPIR, Industrial areas and large / sector-specific estates in tune with the changing economic and industrial scenario providing a host of facilities for business ventures.

Ketan Mehta has experienced this on his own and perhaps it's the business and industry - friendly approach of the Government of Gujarat that has impressed Ketan so much so that he decided to venture in developing industrial park thereby helping the MSME's, SME's in developing their industrial property. One can have a commercial unit for area ranging from 500 sq.ft to a whopping 1.5 lakhs sq ft and more of place. In fact AMIDRASHTI ALLIANCE the subsidiary Co. of UIDC is the first organization to be listed under Private Developer Policy -- Scheme for Financial Assistance by Govt. of Gujarat for development of Mini Industrial estate for MSEs. Moreover till date UIDC has help Govt. of Gujarat earn revenue of Rs.150 crores Approx in terms of tax.

Starting his venture in early 2008 he has successfully developed Industrial estates in Umbergaon. Called as the "Umbergaon Industrial Park" the property has been developed in two phases. While the first phase has over 45 units is operational to the full capacity, the second phase has 168 units in the G+3 building . All his projects are approved by Bank of Baroda.

Mehta Says, "UIDC provide a one stop solutions to the MSME's and MSEs by providing state-of-the art infrastructure, help them arrange the finance and availing Government subsidies, obtaining various licenses, arranging Power and labour's as well. Apart from this we also guide them with proper advice in case they come across any hurdles or problems otherwise. We also assist them in setting up their plants. The idea is not to sell only property but to develop an overall ecosystem making Umbergaon a self sustaining town"

UIDC is bridging the gap between the Govt. Of Gujarat and the SME's making them aware of various schemes and subsidies offered by the government of Gujarat.

UIDC has done many projects and their current ongoing three projects includes 1), The Industrial Park Scheme giving G+3 structure with commercial units area ranging from 500 sq ft to 3000 sq, ft. 2), 'L' type industrial shells in G+1 structure with commercial units area ranging from 130 sq.ft to 1500 sq.ft. And 3), Industrial N.A plots, with approved Collector Plan, for the area ranging from 2 acres to 20 acres of land.

Elaborating on his Umbergaon Industrial Park phase 1 and 2 Mehta says," the whole Industrial Park is earth quake resistant and all the units on the floors are designed in such a way that the goods vehicle can reach upto the third floor. The complex is provided with a Goods lift with a weighing capacity of 3.5 M/T such that the goods carrier- Tempo can be lifted right upto the top floor for the purpose of loading / unloading of goods saving on to the labour and the stress. Moreover every floor has a separate parking space that is so spacious to occupy 8 vehicles in case the need be wherein the Tempo takes time for Loading / unloading goods materials. The Tempo can be driven right up to the entrance of every units making it a hassle-free system." One of the other features is that every unit has a wi-fi connectivity that helps in keeping a tab in the factory across the corner."

UIDC has many more plans for betterment of MSME and SME's that contributes over 45 % of GDP and thus help the country in making it a $ 5 trillion economy.

Subsidy declared by Govt. Of Gujarat

  • Capital Subsidy from 15% to 20%
  • Interest Subsidy from 7% to 9%
  • GST Subsidy of 70% on Project cost.

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